What was said about a wedding for this couple in season 9

The NBC network, delivered to fans of the fire action drama the premiere of season 9 of Chicago Fire, which has been waiting for months.

As all fans know, production of the current installment of Chicago Fire was halted in March due to the blockage generated by the coronavirus pandemic that is affecting the world.

However, the Chicago Fire crew and cast returned to the film set in October, in order to shoot scenes for the episodes that began airing on November 11.

Before the premiere, it was said that with the arrival of season 9 of Chicago Fire Stella and Severide would have problems after she was promoted to take the lieutenant exam.

However, when Chicago Fire season 9 rolled around, this didn’t happen. The fans witnessed that the bond between Stella and Severide is stronger than ever.

Let’s remember that in Chicago Fire Stella and Severide have overcome many challenges to be together. There is no doubt that they both want to have children and start a family. But will they be engaged to be married in season 9?

In this regard, during an interview showrunner Derek Haas was asked during an interview if Stella and Severide will marry in the current season of Chicago Fire, and he responded as follows without saying anything concrete, but dropping a hint:

“I think they should take the next step at some point. It’s not like that?”

According to the stars Stella (Miranda Rae Mayo) and Severide (Taylor Kinney), to maintain and strengthen the union they do not necessarily have to go to the altar, according to what TV Line reports, this is what Mayo said:

“My hunch is that if these two get married, it’s like they’re on vacation. I think they are much more spontaneous and in the moment ”.

There’s no question that both Chicago Fire characters love each other deeply and would give their all to stay together. Severide, in an episode last season made it clear that she will see herself with Stella for the rest of her life.

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