“What is society like when a big f * cking green lizard rules your world”

Quentin Tarantino’s presentation for a Godzilla movie makes the giant a deity (Photo credit – Getty Images / Imdb)

Quentin Tarantino is one of the most distinguished filmmakers the world has ever seen. His sense of storytelling and the originality of each film are amazing. But what the director has refrained from achieving is falling into the trap of building a franchise. But imagine if he ever does, he decided it would be Godzilla. And on top of that, he has land for the same loan too.

Yes, you read that right. Quentin Tarantino has always talked about what he loves. So much so that his films have multiple references to the films he has seen and are close to his heart. The last movie he’s managed to express his fondness for is Warner Bros.’s Godzilla. And also started a part that puts the giant lizard on top of the world and almost makes him god. Read on to find out everything you should and what the maverick director has to say.

According to We Got This Covered, the filmmaker, while talking about Godzilla, said that the giant will not become the god a number of times he has saved our planet. Quentin Tarantino names his idea Living Under the Rule of Godzilla. He calls it a company run by a giant green lizard.

Quentin Tarantino said, “The whole idea of ​​Godzilla’s role in Tokyo, where he’s still fighting these other monsters, saving humanity over and over again, wouldn’t Godzilla become a god? It would be called Living Under the Rule of Godzilla. This is what society looks like when a big f * cking green lizard rules your world. “

However, this is just a thought from the filmmaker known for having countless ideas. It’ll be fun to see if this land reaches the bosses of Warner Bros. and they give Quentin Tarantino a thought writing a Godzilla movie. Stay tuned for all the news on this topic and the world of entertainment.

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