What Bo Burnham’s ‘Inside’ Teaches About Video Production

“I think Bo Burnhams Within is like a master class in DIY video production, ”says Tucker Tota.

If you haven’t seen Bo Burnham’s comedy special before Within on Netflix, what have you been doing in the past two weeks? The special was a one-man spectacle that Burnham wrote and filmed himself while under lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. The entire special focused on a range of people, emotions, and tropes that were ridiculous and heartbreaking.

The hilarious and brutally honest special has been acclaimed by fans, celebrities, videographers and filmmakers alike for showing off relatable content and raw footage in which Burnham breaks down from the stresses of life, internet culture and the attempt to make a one-man special .

In this reign of Burnham supremacy, Tucker Tota has broken down scene by scene as he believes Burnham Within was created and produced in a one-hour video. Check out the full breakdown in Tota’s video below:

Some viewers may have closely watched the BTS footage Burnham posted in Within and noticed how Burnham put the song “Sexting” together in Final Cut Pro. Tota mentions that probably not all of the movie file was compiled, just compiled in the app and set to full screen preview to save the creator’s time and effort. For many of the songs that used the projector, Burnham plugged his computer into the projector and showed the pre-made video that went perfectly with the song.

Most of Burnham’s equipment could have been purchased online for less than $ 100, including the tools he uses most often in the special. From the Panasonic LUMIX 50mm f1.8, which records everything, to the LED lights and practical lights that illuminate the background and create killer silhouettes like the one in “Jeff Bezos Song”.

The recording techniques such as digital zooms, timers, and software queuing allowed Burnham to scold and react perfectly to changes in music and light throughout the special. Most of Burnham’s unique scenes use two main sources of light facing the wall to reflect the light and create soft edges as he syncs his lips to his songs. He also uses a projector that acts as the only light source with a little color correction in post-processing.

When we have learned something from quarantine or Within, it is that we can create amazing projects on a budget. By knowing where to place your color-changing LED lights or laboriously planning where your next camera angle will be, there are no limits to the design in a single room.

Check out Burnham’s comedy special Within on Netflix!

What were some of your favorite recordings from Burnham’s Special? Let us know in the comments below!

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