Weekend update launches shots at ‘former social media influencer’ Marjorie Taylor Greene Donald Trump – Deadline

SNLMichael Che and Colin Jost’s Weekend Update added layers of criticism against Georgian Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who publicly supported QAnon and shared conspiracy theories.

“Anyone who believes these crazy plots must be as blind as Stevie Wonder claims to be,” Che said of Greene’s belief in anti-democratic conspiracy theory.

Jost also toasted Greene’s apologies for sharing the conspiracy theories. After catching the heat for sharing theories about “Jewish space lasers” among others, Greene said that “no one is perfect”. Jost was quick to put holes in his statement.

‘No one is perfect’ is a cute little phrase you say when you mess up a lunch order, not when you accuse children of faking a mass shooting, ”he said. “It’s the same reason: ‘Did I do that? was (Steve) Urkel’s thing, not OJ’s.

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As they kicked off their segment criticizing Greene, they turned to “former social media influencer” Donald Trump. Almost a week after almost omitting any mention of the former president in their segment, Weekend Update hosts discussed Trump’s upcoming impeachment trial.

Following reports that Trump would not testify before Congress for inciting violent insurgency on the U.S. Capitol on Jan.6, Jost had some advice for the former. The celebrity apprentice host.

“Stop feeling sorry for yourself, put on your extension and pretend it’s Maury Povich and you’re not the father,” Jost said, noting that the impeachment trial would be fun to watch. Jost added that Trump could possibly read the tweets he has been unable to post since his social media ban in the upcoming trial.

Companion SNL Cast members Heidi Garnder and Mikey Day have also joined the Weekend Update segment, posing as the leaders of an organization that seeks to ‘cancel’ children for the slightest controversy.

Weekend Update also touched on the controversy over Morgan Wallen’s racial insult, Joe Biden’s stimulus control proposals and more.

See part of the weekend update segment below.

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