We bet you don’t know who Jin, RM, Suga, V, J-Hope, Jungkook, and Jimin were dating

Say everyone is very interested in the love life of your favorite celebrity. Fans are always curious about who their favorite stars are dating or dating, and no celebrity can escape the obsessions of these fans, including members of BTS. So, as the K-Pop supergroup continues to captivate listeners with their hit numbers, let’s take a moment to sneak into the love lives of the BTS members. Also Read – BTS ‘BE Essential Edition: K-pop Group Teases Fans With Jimin and Jungkook Notes Ahead of Disease and Stay Release


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Rumors have suggested that Jin is dating comedian Lee Guk Joo. He had once revealed that his kind of girl would be a chubby girl with a puppy face. However, there has been no confirmation of her love life. Also Read – BTS’s J-Hope Names His Models, And We Bet You’ll Be SURPRISED Who They Are


He had already admitted to having a girlfriend in high school, but he still doubted himself as his girlfriend was very popular among the boys. This often made him insecure and eventually they broke up.


He had revealed that he had deep feelings for a former colleague and had also written a letter about it to a radio host. After he confessed his love to her, they started dating. After a while, things started to get awkward between them and they ended up going their separate ways.


He had admitted to having had several girlfriends in the past, with whom he had no serious relationship. He also revealed that the girl he was in love with didn’t return his feelings to him and never respond to his advances.


He had revealed that his girlfriend had left him for another man and the memories of his breakup had been very painful. He had said he would play on Dynamic Duo’s “Solo” because it reminded him as the song has a lot of memories attached to it.


There were rumors that he had had several girlfriends in the past. A photo of a man kissing a girl had gone viral on the internet, where people suspected Jungkook to be the kissing male. However, there has been no confirmation. Speaking of his ideal wife, he once said that she should have a healthy body, a smart mind and be as competitive as him.


There was a lot of speculation that he was in a one-sided relationship and that he would have butterflies in his stomach whenever the girl approached. The rumors eventually turned out to be false.

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