Watchmen creator Alan Moore signs plans for ‘Long London’ fantasy series – Deadline

Alan Moore signed a publishing agreement for Long London, a five-volume series of epic fantasy novels chronicling a fictionalized version of the titular city.

the Guardians and V for Vendetta the creator signed the deal with UK publisher Bloomsbury, which will release the books in 2024. The deal also covers a collection of short stories, Illuminations, which will be released in 2022.

Moore retired from comics in 2018 but continues to create, including writing the original feature film. The show, which debuted at festivals last year. Back in October, Deadline had a rare chance to interview Moore about his career.

Here is a little more on Long London:

Created by the beloved creator of Watchmen and many other classics, the Long London series is a tour de force that tells the story of the timeless shadow city full of magic and memory somewhere beyond ‘ real London ”.

Long London is a series about “a sometimes accessible shadow city that is beyond time”. It is an extremely inventive, atmospheric and mythical world of murder, magic and madness. It’s a quintet of novels sweeping through the twentieth century, starting with the upset and unraveled London of 1949, and following populations of writers, criminals, artists and magicians through this familiar city and a version of London just beyond our knowledge.

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