Watch Dogs Legion rolled in 1080p on Xbox Series S

In an interview with Wccftech, Galvin Whitlock, Ubisoft’s leading developer, commented on the presence of new graphics technologies in Watch Dogs: Legion, bringing more information about the performance on the Xbox Series S and PC. According to the developer, the game will run at a maximum of 1080p dynamic on Microsoft’s console, and will have more detailed Ray Tracing on computers.

Apparently, the game should sacrifice visual quality during the moments of more action on the screen, recovering sharpness and clarity of images when the game “smoothes”. Whitlock did not comment on how much the variation between minimum and maximum will be.

On computers, the title of Ubisoft will have a slight advantage over consoles, because Ray Tracing on PC was designed to reach a greater number of surfaces, including rough ones. “The basis of Ray Tracing is the same on all platforms that support it. For RTX on the PC, we did Ray Tracing for rougher surfaces in more situations, “said Whitlock.

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