Watch All The ABC Promotions Aired During The Oscars – Deadline

Ahead of the 93rd Academy Awards on ABC, the network released the latest promotions for its programs that will air during the Oscars airing.

They include Oscar-themed clips for Jimmy Kimmel Live!, in which Kimmel recalls his two stays as host of the ceremony “back in the days when they had hosts,” for the upcoming Sesame Street: 50 years of sunny days special featuring the show’s Oscar the Grouch, for American IdolThe next Disney night and the 2021 NFL Draft.

Kimmel hosted the Oscars in 2017 and 2018, the last time the show had a host. Watch the JKL promo above and the rest below.

ABC’s freshman series also gets Oscar promotional treatment Big Sky, rebel and Domestical economy.

Earlier this morning, ABC released the first promo for the upcoming season of The bachelorette, which will also premiere on the air during the Oscasr.

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