WarnerMedia Virtual Panels at Sundance Focus on Representation, Equity and Inclusion | Festivals and awards

3pm CT on Friday January 29: “Who Tells the Story”

As the industry and society at large become more aware of the value that diversity brings to all of us, new conversations have sprung up around access and representation. In this new frontier, cultural competence and responsibility have become intertwined with the creative process itself. Questions raised include when, where and how these goals can be achieved. What is the responsibility of both diverse and non-diverse filmmakers when it comes to representing diverse communities? Who has this responsibility and why? Gil Robertson, Co-Founder and CEO of the African American Film Critics Association, will host a conversation with Angel Manuel Soto (“Charm City Kings”), Christina Kim (“Kung Fu”), Mickey Down (“Industry”), Nkechi Okoro Carroll (“All American”) and Shaka King (“Judas and the Black Messiah”) to discuss these issues and more.

1 p.m. CT on Saturday January 30: “ARRAY Crew – A mission and an opportunity”

WarnerMedia is a founding partner of ARRAY Crew, award-winning filmmaker Ava DuVernay’s new initiative to support systemic changes in hiring practices below the line in the film and television industry. Launched in February, ARRAY Crew aims to connect underrepresented crew members with hiring managers who practice inclusive outreach. Join DuVernay plus Karen Horne (SVP, Equity & Inclusion, WarnerMedia), Tilane Jones (President, ARRAY), Regina Miller (Executive Director, ARRAY Alliance) and Tammy Garnes (Director of Education and Understanding, ARRAY) for a conversation about the game of ARRAY – different efforts to foster more opportunities and inclusion in Hollywood

1:00 p.m. CT Sunday January 31: “Learning Out Loud: Cultivating a Mindset of Fairness and Creating Safe Spaces”

WarnerMedia is leading the charge in creating strategies to strengthen equity and amplify under-represented voices. Through its iconic Equity Mindset for Creative Leaders series and other key workforce and pipeline initiatives, the industry’s top leaders engage in meaningful conversations about fairness, inclusion and culture with the aim of creating a safe, supportive and accessible environment for content creators. Join Sarah Aubrey, HBO Max Head of Original Content, along with Karen Horne, Samata Narra and MyKhanh Shelton of WarnerMedia’s Equity & Inclusion leadership team for a powerful dialogue on the state of race in Hollywood and where we are going.

To register or to find out more, visit the official website from the Warner Media Lodge.

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