Warner Bros. sets the date for James Wan’s “Malignant”; “Godzilla versus. Kong ‘will open closer to Easter – Deadline

It’s right in: James Wan’s upcoming horror movie Smart opens September 10 this year by Warner Bros. Again, this is part of their theatrical release plan and HBO Max. The film, set in the hot post-Labor Day hallway that Warners premiered at the box office, fills the place of an untitled horror film they had on the schedule.

Smart is billed simply as “Wan’s return to his roots with this new original horror thriller.”

Meanwhile, the legendary Godzilla vs. King will take place five days later domestically on Wednesday, March 31 (not March 26, although overseas markets will debut on that date). The idea is to play closer to Easter weekend and get a five-day box office lift, not to mention spring break.

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