VW ID.4 EV prototype testing video offers inside details

Volkswagen has been working on its ID.4 electric vehicle for a while and has produced a new video talking about some of the testing and what’s going on behind the scenes. The VW ID.4 is the automaker’s first long-range electric SUV that will be sold on the American market. Those on the project note that what American buyers want for an EV is different from what Europeans want, and efforts are being made to customize the vehicle for specific markets.

The video shows the vehicle being tested in many different conditions, and individual vehicle components are being tested. Volkswagen has a battery testing lab where the critical battery components are being tested in-depth. Batteries are being manufactured in Chattanooga and tested locally, so feedback from testing can be given directly back to the manufacturing facilities.

Details learned about the battery packs and any changes required are also shared with factories in Germany, so the overall quality of the battery packs are improved across the board. Volkswagen is building all of the battery packs for US models in Georgia and assembling them in Tennessee. One of the main areas of focus for battery testing is squeezing all possible range from the vehicle.

Driving range is the key differentiator of electric vehicles today, with buyers demanding the longest driving range possible. Volkswagen’s challenge is to get all of the range out the battery pack possible while maintaining reliability. To squeeze all possible driving distance out of the ID.4, Volkswagen looks at the complete package, not the battery alone. The automaker is looking at everything from the overall package of the vehicle down to the tires.

Most electric vehicles use specialized tires that create less rolling resistance allowing the vehicle to be more efficient. Part of the testing involves comparing the vehicle to competition to see how they perform comparatively. The goal is to provide buyers with the most refined electric vehicle possible.

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