Vue CEO Tim Richards Named BFI President – Deadline

Tim Richards, CEO and founder of the Vue exhibition channel, has been named the next president of the British Film Institute.

Richards will take over from Interim President and BFI Governor Pat Butler. The public appointment was made by Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden.

Richards will take office on Tuesday, February 16 and serve a term of up to three years.

Since Richards founded Vue International in 1999, the cinema operator has grown to 225 multiplex theaters in Europe and Taiwan. He joined the BFI as Governor in 2013 and has served on numerous industry boards since 2007.

Dowden, Culture Secretary, said: “The BFI showcases the great creativity and innovation of the successful screen sectors in the UK, which are already rebounding strongly. I know Tim will be a brilliant champion of the industry and his vast experience will help ensure that CIB plays an important role in our cultural and economic recovery. “

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Tim richards

Richards, President-elect of the BFI, added: “I am honored and delighted to have been invited to chair the BFI, especially at such a crucial time for the arts and culture sector. British film and television have always had a unique power to inspire people around the world and I have no doubts that Britain’s talent and creativity will help lead the film industries to a great future.

Ben Roberts, Managing Director of BFI, said: “It is great news that Tim Richards is the new chairman of the BFI. Having served on the BFI Board of Directors for 7 years, Tim is already under the skin of our organization and has been an incredible supporter and champion of the work we do in film culture. His experience and knowledge in the field of cinema, especially through exposure but also through skills and education, will be extremely valuable to the BFI and I look forward to working closely with him as ‘it points us to our next exciting chapter.

Former Warner Bros. executive Josh Berger resigned as president of the CIB last year after serving a maximum ten-year term as governor and president.

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