V’s anatomy, knows all the details of his body

Taehyung’s body proportions will blow your mind. Being an idol requires a lot of effort and sacrifice, preparing to be a Korean pop artist is not easy, but with a lot of perseverance, motivation and the desire to fulfill your dreams, the singers and rappers deliver the best every day.

V of the Bangtan Boys is a very professional artist, the BTS idol is one of the most famous music figures and recognized for his work, skills and talents. It is a key to your success.

The BTS member is distinguished by his personality and voice, fans always appreciate his charisma, his anatomy is the result of working behind the scenes, what physical feature do you like the most about V?

This time we bring you some details that adorn Kim Taehyung’s physique, such as his eyes, hands, legs and lips, the characteristics of the BTS singer make him very special and ARMY loves everything about V.

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