Viral Fortnite video shows what happens when Gauntlets and sharks collide

In case you somehow missed this detail, the sharks in Fortnite are, in fact, loot sharks. This means that if you kill one (before it kills you), you’ll get a weapon and some ammo, and there’s a good chance it will be a Legendary weapon. The downside? It takes quite a bit of time and more than a few bullets to kill a loot shark, often making it a risky activity. That is, unless you have Dr. Doom’s Arcane Gauntlets and Mystical Bomb.

As with past seasons, Fortnite Season 4 includes bosses and mythic-tier weapons. Dr. Doom, the boss that took over the POI formerly known as Pleasant Park, has two of these weapons that you’ll be able to use yourself if you kill him: the Arcane Gauntlet and the Mystical Bomb. Both of these weapons are quite powerful, but the Mystical Bomb has the most bang for your buck.

Not today Shark! from r/FortNiteBR

The Mystical Bomb looks like an upside-down triangle when dropped; players who pick it up can generate a giant green ball of energy that can be thrown huge distances, smashing structures and killing opponents. When combined with the Arcane Gauntlets, players who skillfully wield the mythic weapons are nearly indestructible.

What better way to use these over-powered items than to kill loot sharks? That’s the subject of a new Fortnite video that went viral earlier this week, showing off what happens when an angry shark and the Mystical Bomb collide.

The energy ball launches the shark a huge distance into the air, giving the player more than enough time to make their escape, and likewise causes a large amount of damage. This demonstrates how effectively the mythic weapons can be used to destroy loot sharks, giving players rapid access to higher-tier goods without opponents getting in the way.

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