Vikings: What happened to Floki’s actor Gustaf Skargard?

Gustaf Skarsgard, is a Swedish actor who began to grow his popularity much more with his participation in Vikings in 2013, but, this is not the only job he has had and the one he has now.

Skarsgard was last seen as Floki in Vikings during season five in 2018, an eccentric shipbuilder in the Vikings series.

Gustaf Skarsgard is also known for playing Voss, in the 2010 film The Way Back, alongside Jim Sturgess, Ed Harris, and Colin Farrell.

But the last appearances that the actor has had have been in the HBO series, Westworld, as Karl Strand, and this year he played the legendary Merlin in “Damn”, Netflix series with Katherine Langford.

But now the actor “seems” that he will return with his character Floki, for the second part of season 6 of Vikings, since in one of his most recent interviews he said:

“How we get back to Floki is something that should remain a secret because it is very important, very emotional and fantastic.”

Without a doubt, the actor has managed to garner great popularity among fans of the series, demonstrating his great performances with Vikings.

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