Vijay’s ‘master’ has fun on international box office debut – Deadline

Refresh to last…: Fans of Kollywood cinema were feasted on this weekend as Tamil action thriller Master made its debut in India and a handful of other markets during the harvest festival period. Although we have no confirmed figures for the Vijay-star in India, estimates had it at around $ 11 million from Wednesday to Friday, with the film crossing the coveted 100 crore ($ 15 million) mark over the weekend. Bows in international box office markets like the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand, as well as the United States, added around $ 3 million (including previews) for the film by director Lokesh Kanagaraj.

Now, as we’ve always warned, it’s notoriously difficult to pull off India’s early digits given its diverse state and reporting structure – which in some cases is crude and in others. other net after the deduction of an entertainment tax. The situation is even more complicated when a film comes out in four different language versions, as is the case with Master (Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi). We will update when the picture becomes clearer.

“Young promising woman” crosses $ 3 million; ‘MLK / FBI’, ‘Don’t Tell A Soul’, ‘Master’ Add Specialized Box Office Parts

In Australia, Master made about $ 470,000 until Saturday and in New Zealand that figure was $ 89,000 until Sunday. Singapore, where the film was followed at No. 1, is estimated to be over $ 750,000 for the weekend. the WE made around $ 350,000, including the previews that started Tuesday. For MLK’s four-day vacation to the country, it’s at # 8. The United Arab Emirates sold approximately 133,000 tickets for an approximate start of $ 1.3M. A local source notes that fans “have been cut off from these movies for a long, long time. It’s encouraging. “

Master is the first major Indian title to hit the big screens since the pandemic began, and hopes had been placed on it to help revive the local box office after a long period of lockdown. Since Indian cinemas have 50% capacity restrictions, the performance ratings are impressive – we understand that MasterThe opening day locally was only 20% compared to the success of Vijay in 2019 Bigil. The movie may end up uploading, but it shows how hungry Indian audiences are for their local titles and stars – and it offers promises for key future releases. Images of the market, particularly of the state of Tamil Nadu and its capital Chennai, showed a frenzy among moviegoers to return to theaters.

Disney / Pixar

In the studio, Disney / Pixar’s Soul continued his strong run China, down just 39% from last weekend. It is now the third highest grossing Pixar release of all time in the Middle Kingdom with an estimated $ 43.1 million.

In total, the original Pete Docter added $ 5.8M in 11 markets this session and has accumulated $ 57.4M foreign. Catches were strong in Taiwan (-10% / 4.3 M cume), Saudi Arabia (-13% / 4.5 M $ cume), United Arab Emirates (-21% / 1 M $ cume) and in Singapore (-41% / $ 1.2M cume). Next weekend will see more openings in Russia and Korea.

Wonder Woman 1984
Warner Bros.

Warner Bros’ / DC’s Wonder Woman 1984 crossed $ 100 million overseas this week. He added $ 5.2M of 41 markets in the current session to bring offshore cume to $ 105.9M for $ 141.7M worldwide (including $ 11.3M from IMAX). The Gal Gadot star has officially bowed Russia this image, after last week’s previews, and grossed the No.2 behind Disney’s local sequel $ 2.6 million The Last Warrior: The Root of Evil, which had grossed $ 24.5 million until Saturday. Russian cinemas are operating at 25% capacity.

Australia had a strong hold on WW84 with a 31% drop from last weekend to earn $ 16.1 million and Brazil has also held up well (-32%) for $ 5.4 million to date. WB plans to launch a number of smaller markets in the coming weeks, with the remaining majors currently on hold due to COVID restrictions.

DreamWorks / Universal’s Animation The Croods: A New Age picked up another $ 2.2M in 17 markets for a decrease of 55%. The offshore cume is $ 94.7M for $ 135 million global. Australia is the leading market at $ 12.1 million (down just 26% from the previous session), followed by Russia with $ 11.7 million, exceeding the lifespan of the original film.

Lian ray

Somewhere else, China added two new movies this session but always gave preference to A small red flower which was again n ° 1 in the market and accumulated $ 182 million until Sunday. Shock wave 2 (see our review, here) came in second again, having won $ 164M, including $ 19 million from IMAX. First year entries Blade (not to be confused with the movie Dis / Pixar) and Jackie Chan-star Dragon wish made $ 9.6M and $ 7.2M, respectively.


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