Vice-founder Suroosh Alvi launches Doc film festival online

Vice is launching its own online documentary film festival with 11 feature films organized by company co-founder Suroosh Alvi.

The youth-oriented media company is launching a microsite to host the films, which includes a number of Oscar contenders, with each film featuring a Q&A with Alvi and the filmmakers and the subjects.

The films are The toxic pigs of Fukushima, Showgirls of Pakistan, We Hold the Line, Sakawa, Another Kind of Paradise, Dope Is Death, Mayor, The Donut King, Yung Lean – In My Head, Two Gods and The prophet and the aliens (full details below).

The collection will be preceded by a linear distribution of The poisonous pigs of Fukushima, which airs today, Jan.31 at 6.30am PT, on Vice TV, with the site live at 8am PT.

Vice Acquires Doc “ The Toxic Pigs Of Fukushima ” Over Nuclear Disaster Aftermath

The short list with Suroosh Alvi is produced by Vice World News and distributed worldwide by Vice Distribution. The executive producers are Suroosh Alvi and Maral Usefi, directed by Caroline Pahl and Brett Karley and the producers are Caroline Pahl and Zara Meerza.

“Since Vice began, we have strived to account for underreporting, give voice to the unheard of, defend unique storytelling, and challenge the status quo. It’s the key to who we are and what we do, ”said Alvi. “I wanted to continue this quest with a new initiative for Vice that shines the spotlight on some of the best filmmakers in the world and gives them the opportunity to tell these important stories.”

The Short List with Suroosh Alvi – The Movies

The poisonous pigs of Fukushima (Otto Bell)
Twenty years after the nuclear fusion at Fukushima, a toxic landscape remains. Amidst the desolation, local hunters seek out the animals that epitomize the disaster: radiated wild boars.

Pakistan showgirls (Saad Khan)
Fighting the law, rogue managers and bad boyfriends, three women on the outskirts of Pakistani society risk everything to make a living dancing on stage.

We hold the line (Marc Wiese)
In the Philippines, journalist Maria Ressa and her Rappler team are fighting for democracy against a dictator president who executes tens of thousands with death squads.

Sakawa (Ben Asamoah)
Welcome to the world of Sakawa, where voodoo, e-waste and internet scam intersect in Ghana as crooks outsmart Westerners to escape poverty.

Another kind of paradise (Isabel Morales Bondy)
A portrait of a young man released from prison in Afghanistan at the age of 14 and how he deals with the traumas of his past.

Drugs are death (Mia Donovan)
The story of a radical movement that sought to end heroin addiction in communities of color through acupuncture, led by Dr Mutulu Shakur, Tupac’s stepfather.

Mayor (David Osit)
An intimate, dark look at what it takes to be Musa Hadid, the beloved mayor of Ramallah, during the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

King of donuts (Alice Gu)
The unlikely story of a Cambodian refugee arriving in America in 1975 and building a multi-million dollar empire by baking America’s favorite pastry.

Yung Lean – In my head (Henrik Burman)
Rapper Yung Lean was on top of the world, but behind the scenes he struggled with fame, addiction and mental health issues. It is her coming of age story told with unparalleled access on her path to recovery.

Two gods (Zeshawn Ali)
An intensely cinematic portrayal of male friendship and mentorship. In Newark, New Jersey, a Muslim casket maker and ritual body washer brings two young men under his wing to teach them how to live better.

The prophet and the aliens (Yoav Shamir)
Religion. Cults. Extraterrestrials. Follow the Raelians from Burkina Faso to Japan as we meet the charismatic Frenchman who is the leader of their faith – the world’s largest UFO religion.

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