Verizon LTE Home Internet service gets massive expansion across US

Verizon has announced a massive expansion in the availability of its LTE Home Internet service, giving people in 48 states and ‘parts of’ 189 markets access to the mobile broadband service. The company aims to provide Internet access specifically in rural parts of the US where access to high-speed Internet is still often lacking and expensive. The service saw its initial launch earlier this summer with very limited availability.

Verizon LTE Home is essentially unlimited access to Verizon’s 4G LTE network within one’s home, providing an alternative to cable, DSL, and satellite Internet services. Though it’s not ideal if you have the opportunity to get proper cable or high-speed DSL service, the offering is much better than the slow DSL and satellite Internet services that many rural people in the US are forced to use.

Verizon offers its LTE Home service for $40/month to those who have a Verizon mobile plan or $60/month for those who do not have a Verizon mobile plan. The setup is described as simple and app-based; the router is sent to subscribers for free. Verizon limits the availability of its LTE Home service to places where it has LTE coverage and does not offer its alternatives like 5G Home and Fios.

Verizon says that customers can expect speeds of up to 25Mbps without data caps; videos can be streamed at up to 1080p resolution. Because the broadband is delivered through a special router that essentially works like a high-end hotspot, multiple devices in the household can be connected to the WiFi network at the same time.

In an announced late last week, Verizon said that LTE Home has been expanded into parts of 189 markets across the United States. The company specifically focused on the rural markets where there’s a demand for this kind of service. Anyone in the US can enter their address on the service’s website to see whether their home is covered.

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