Venus Optics releases Laowa Argus 33mm for APS-C sensors

The Laowa Argus lens series is taking shape.

Earlier this year, Venus Optics released a lens roadmap for future focal lengths, including a new line of lenses called the Argus. The series was developed with an extremely fast aperture of 0.95 and is intended to cover sensors of different sizes, including MFT, APS-C and full screen.

Venus Optics has officially launched the new lens family with the Laowa Argus 33mm F0.95 CF APO for ASP-C.

The unique focal length is available for Sony E, Canon R, Nikon Z and Fuji X and, with its price of 499 US dollars, should be interesting for both videographers and shooters.

While the Argus series doesn’t have autofocus compatibility, it doesn’t lack speed. At 1: 0.95 you get a lens that is more than suitable in low light conditions. It also has a stepless aperture ring that allows you to adjust the exposure without noise. Venus Optics also says the Argus has a longer focus throw, which should make transitions feel less digital.

Specifically, you see 14 elements in 9 groups with a single ED and an aspherical element and three refractive elements to reduce ghosting. The 9-blade aperture design creates a rounder looking bokeh, and the lens has a minimum focus distance of 35 cm for close-ups. The lens has internal focusing and a 62 mm filter thread, making it easy to combine an ND or polarizing filter.

The lens weighs 20.81 ounces (590g) and is about 3 “long which also makes it ideal for gimbal setups.

Recognition: Venus optics

While 35mm was de facto the focal length for portrait photography, a 33mm lens will separate your images much more from other imagers.

Venus Optics plans to release a Laowa Argus 25mm F0.95 (MFT) and two full frame lenses, a 35mm F0.95 and a 45mm F0.95.

The Laowa Argus 33mm F0.95 CF APO is available now for $ 499.

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