Venice Film Festival Removes Sconfini Section Permanently – Deadline

The Venice Film Festival has decided to permanently replace its Sconfini program, launched for the first time in 2018 to highlight art and genre films out of competition.

The segment did not take place last year as the festival reduced its program for its 2020 edition impacted by the pandemic, and it will not return, the void being filled by Orizzonti Extra (Horizons Extra), an offshoot of the Orizzonti competitive program which the festival said it would “retain some of the main features” of Sconfini.

The new section “will offer a selection of works without limits of genre, duration and destination, as long as they last more than 60 minutes… each film must be accompanied and followed by meetings with authors and cultural personalities”. A jury will be appointed to award a prize to the best film in the section.

Submissions are open today for the 78th edition of the festival, which is scheduled to take place September 1-11. The event confirmed today that the rest of the sections will remain the same, and also reconfirmed its programming team, with director Alberto Barbera accompanied by: Paolo Bertolin, Giulia D’Agnolo Vallan, Bruno Fornara, Mauro Gervasini , Oscar Iarussi, Elena Pollacchi, Angela Prudenzi, Emanuele Rauco, Marina Sanna and, with more specific involvement, Gianluca Arnone, Violeta Bava, Angela Bosetto, Francesco Giai Via, Federico Gironi, Peter Shepotinnik, Alessandra Speciale and Carla Vulpiani.

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