Vehicle multimedia systems will get stronger

Remote control systems developed by companies such as BMW, Audi and Mercedes are actively used by many drivers. The no touch feature developed under the leadership of the University of Cambridge aims to improve the usage experience thanks to its artificial intelligence support.

No touch multimedia system developed with AI support

The remote control feature of the multimedia system, which was first launched by BMW and used by many drivers, has been used by other brands.

Thanks to artificial intelligence supported technology developed by Cambridge University with Jaguar Land Rover, drivers will be able to manage the multimedia system without the need for a touch screen.

Especially the development of no touch technology during the corona pandemic will make many drivers more careful about hygiene. Unlike other systems, technology that includes artificial intelligence support allows users to control the multimedia system at close range from the touch screen.

Thanks to the machine learning algorithm, the usage experience will be improved by detecting the operations that users want to do on the touch screen with sensors.

Thanks to the algorithm developed as a result of the tests carried out, it was determined that the rate of touching the screen decreased by 50 percent. Officials stated that they continue to work to get technology into our lives as soon as possible.

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