V mimics other idols’ reactions to compliments

With the charisma that characterizes him, V imitated his fellow BTS members and made fun of them.

V has proven, once again, that no one knows BTS idols better than themselves. While sharing food backstage with J-Hope and Jin, V revealed that no two BTS members react in the same way to praise.

Some take the compliments calmly, others become shy, but the different personalities of all the BTS idols shine through in their reactions.

What are the reactions of BTS idols?

According to BTS idol V, when they were praised, J-Hope’s response was normal. When someone congratulated him, J-Hope said cheerfully, “Oh really? Thank you “, but did not make a fuss.

V said that RM reacted with a funny facial expression instead of words. This exact imitation made J-Hope laugh.

The truth is that RM does not deny it. He wrinkles her face because he’s shy, J-Hope added. The compliments that anyone can give, even the highly titled RM, feels a bit awkward.

How did Jimin react? In a sweet and humble way. If someone told Jimin that he was cool, Jimin would respond by saying, “No, you’re even cooler.”

As for Suga, he completely ignored the compliments while scrolling through her phone. Why? V didn’t elaborate, but Suga could ignore the members’ compliments because he’s shy or just because he can.

Unlike Suga, Jin likes compliments. When someone congratulated him, he said, “Oh, thank you, thank you!”

V turned out to be able to perfectly mimic the reactions of the other BTS idols, this is something new that ARMY are finally discovering.

The only members V didn’t explain were himself and Jungkook, but fans know one thing for sure; They deserve all the accolades in the world!

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