V BREAKS a new record on Twitter thanks to his smile

V’s smile has captivated fans of BTS and K-Pop in general, something that is reflected in a new record that the bangtang boy set on Twitter.

V and his fellow BTS members have undoubtedly achieved the much-desired global stardom, to the extent that their presence on social media is always a topic of conversation.

The fans of the band, better known as the ARMY, have taken their taste for boys to another level by using the videos edited or “intervened” with the image of K-Pop stars like V.

While this should not come as a surprise, V holds the Twitter record for the highest number of appearances on a fancam, adding more than 200 videos with his smile with more than 1 million views, being the first artist to do so.

That’s not to say that BTS doesn’t have their own impressive video records, but V goes further.

V also holds the record for the most liked and most viewed fancams. While the bangtang boy’s bright smile is definitely part of the reason this record was achieved, most of the credit must go to the stans themselves.

BTS in the era of fancam

Editing videos of the best celebrities is nothing new. Social media and video sharing sites allowed fans to make edits of their celebrities to spread the word.

But the K-pop fandom began using fan cams as an ironic response to controversial tweets, or to respond sarcastically to a controversial trend.

Suddenly, it wasn’t just BTS’s V or Blackpink’s Lisa in people’s mentions. Bong Joon Ho, Timothee Chalamet and Lupita Nyong’o were just some of the fan cams that circulated on Twitter after the 2020 Oscars.

However, V doesn’t just break records with BTS and fancams. V’s first solo track, “Scenery,” received 100 million views in just over fourteen days, breaking Soundcloud’s previous record.

“Scenery” also broke the daily broadcast record nine times during the first two weeks the song was available. Talk about an impressive solo debut.

V’s most recent solo song “Sweet Night” also broke BTS’s own record after reaching number one on iTunes in 105 countries.

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