V achieves a perfect All Kill in Arab countries

V achieves a perfect All Kill in Arab countries. The idol continues adding new achievements thanks to his solo songs. Taehyung has managed to reach the top of the music charts and achieves an All Kill in all Arab countries.

BTS tends to break records with each release thanks to the immense support of their fans, who focus on playing the MV or the song on different music platforms and V is no exception.

On social networks, Arab fanbases shared that Taehyung has had great success among ARMY from the Middle East, as his singles ‘Sweet Night’ and ‘Inner Child’ were positioned at the top of the music charts.

But that’s not all, achieving number 1 on said charts is not all Taehyung’s achievement . BTS’s group career is quite a phenomenon, but their solo projects have managed to reach new records for each of the members.

Taehyung achieved a perfect All Kill by appearing on # 1 of the charts in 8 Arab countries, which are made up of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Oman, Qatar, Lebanon and Jordan.

K-pop is gradually spreading thanks to the idols, V’s OST has had great acceptance, “Inner Child” has a beautiful message and has positioned itself as the favorite of many

The idol is currently composing songs, it is not known whether for the group or for their mixtape, which they have promised to release. We know his songs are successful, but even fans give him ideas for inspiration to create new tunes.

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