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Not two weeks have passed since the discovery of the mysterious “Utah monolith”, and the 3.7m metal structure found on a remote mountain has completely disappeared. The state Bureau of Land Management (BLM) said on Saturday (28) that it had information that the object was removed by an unknown party.

Although Bret Hutchings, the pilot who made the discovery, cautiously decided not to reveal his exact location, this did not prevent a Google Earth user from making the coordinates available to the world. It was enough for a national race to start, with dozens of people arriving at the site.

One of the visitors, also a Utah helicopter pilot, Ryan Bacher, who had visited the monolith on Friday afternoon (27), told local TV station KSL that a friend of his came to the scene on Saturday and found no more. the metal structure, and who would very much like to know who would have disappeared with the object.

The missing

In its official statement, posted on Facebook, the BLM stated that it “did not remove the structure considered private property”, and reiterated that the agency has no powers to investigate occurrences of the species, which would be the responsibility of the local sheriff’s office. He concluded: “We received reports that a person or group removed it on the night of November 27th.”

Now, to the mystery of the monolith’s origin, its disappearance is added. Many observers believe that the object was an art installation left by some artist for later discovery. Or it could, as the discovering pilot Bret Hutchings stated, be a fan tribute to the 2001 film: A Space Odyssey, from 1968.

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