US Senator Joins Adhyayan Suman in Puja Housewarming Party

Adhyayan Suman shares housewarming photo Puja Ft. Bernie Meme (Photo credit – Adhyayan Suman / Instagram)

Actor Adhyayan Suman shared a photo of his new home on social media on Sunday.

However, at a time when almost the entire film industry is participating in the Bernie Sanders meme festival, why should Adhyayan be left behind!

Adhyayan Suman shared a photo of his housewarming puja on Twitter. In the photo, Adhyayan can be seen performing the puja with his father Shekhar Suman as US Senator Bernie Sanders watches from behind!

“My new home! Finally, with all the love, support and blessings of my parents, I moved into a beautiful place with good vibes and positive energies! Thanking Mr #BernieSanders for inaugurating this house of the traditional way! #newbeginnings #MyNewHouse #Goodvibes, ”Adhyayan Suman captioned the photo on Twitter.

US Senator Bernie Sanders has become the subject of memes on social media because of his anti-fashion gaze at Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration ceremony recently.

The senator was clicked sitting in a stoic pose with his hands crossed wearing a mask over his face, a simple coat and oversized mittens. These are his mittens that have caught the maximum attention of Internet users!

A photo of Sanders wearing the oversized mittens has gone viral on social media and inspired an online memes festival! So far, several Bollywood celebrities have participated in the broadcast of Bernie Sanders memes, including actress Deepika Padukone.

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