Unearthing Skeletons: John Carpenter on Lost Themes III and Mark Halloween | Interviews

“For the most part, a song usually starts with Cody and I, sometimes from scratch, with a bassline or an arpeggiator,” adds the director. “And then we start to build. Listening to the sounds available today on computers is amazing and almost endless. ”

Then father and son enlist Davies, whose authentic rock is both genetic (he is the son of Kinks guitarist Dave Davies) and proven (in bands like Year Long Disaster, Karma to Burn and CKY). “Everyone has their own strengths, and Daniel is a master guitarist, in rock ‘n’ roll bands, so he comes naturally through this stuff,” Carpenter says. “Cody is also a great player; he can play like nobody’s business, and technically he’s really good. I’m pretty experienced and bring the wrong jokes.

When asked if any of those bad jokes are worth telling, Carpenter’s joy shines through for a moment.

“Originally when we started, the current ‘Skeleton’ work track was called ‘Skeleton’s Penis’,” he laughs. “I do not know why. Because it’s ridiculous. My boys convinced me that it wasn’t really a good idea to do this, so ‘Skeleton’s Penis’ became ‘Skeleton’.

Does this mean that there is an uncut version somewhere on his hard drive, awaiting release? “I think it should have been ‘Skeleton’s Penis’. We could have broken ground. An uncircumcised version, yes! What do you think, eh?

Unlike his Lost themes records, which thrive in their sense of freedom, Carpenter’s soundtrack for ‘Halloween’ of 2018 studiously recalled his score for the original ‘Halloween’, shaping ‘remade’ tracks that kept his pianistic and pianistic menace tune throughout. by incorporating modernized sounds to throw everything in a new light. The title song was therefore enlarged with a more powerful industrial bass; if the original could rock your speakers like no other, the remake was all about blowing them up. And while Laurie’s theme in the original “Halloween” was dark and melancholy, the song of a doomed victim, her accompaniment in the new film was deeper and more energetic, sort of speaking of her evolution as a baby. -sitter terrorized to hardened survivor.

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