Uber Flash Bikes is the alternative to delivering products!

A few months after launching the vehicular version, which is already available in Brazil, the private transport company Uber is starting to make available the Flash Bikes version, which allows the delivery of personal items using motorcycles or bicycles.

This option aims to make it faster and cheaper to send products from one point to another, since most companies that perform this service end up charging a higher value, even if they are small goods.

According to the company, the best way to know when to opt for Uber Flash Bikes is to analyze the size of the item to be sent, because if it is small and medium in size, it fits comfortably in the backpack to be used by the delivery person, this new option is going to be the most viable alternative.

However, it must be kept in mind that the distance should be a little shorter than a car could travel, since motorcycles and bicycles can only serve a smaller radius of distance than the car. Regarding the price, Uber Flash Bikes costs up to 20% less than Uber Flash by car.

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