Two CBS local television executives on administrative leave over allegations of racist and sexist conduct – Deadline

Two local CBS television officials are on administrative leave starting Monday night after a Los Angeles Times report alleges bosses’ inappropriate conduct towards women and people of color.

A CBS statement confirmed that CBS TV Stations President Peter Dunn and Senior Vice President, News David Friend have been put on leave, pending the results of a third-party investigation into the number of issues raised in the report. from the LA Times.

“CAS is committed to providing a diverse, inclusive and respectful workplace where all voices are heard, complaints are investigated and appropriate action taken when necessary,” added the statement. the SCS.

the LA Times Investigation Reports that top bosses “cultivated a hostile work environment which included intimidating female managers and blocking efforts to hire and retain black journalists.” A former employee recalled that Dunn had made “racist, sexist, homophobic and discriminatory comments”. Other former employees accused Friend of criticizing a new presenter’s accent and insulting her.

Dunn and Friend’s leave also comes after the The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) met with CBS officials to respond to allegations of racism and a toxic work environment reported in the LA Times story. At the meeting, the NABJ called for the immediate termination of the two CBS executives.

“It is clear that there is a huge problem among the stations owned and operated by CBS, and for the culture of the company to be transformed it must begin with the dismissal of Dunn and Friend,” the NABJ wrote on Monday. afternoon.

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