Twitch is sued because women broadcasters are too ‘sexy’

A man named Erik Estavillo filed a $ 25 million suit on the platform, citing female broadcasters on Twitch as being too ‘sexy’. Estavillo said female publishers caused their own health problems to worsen.

The popular publishing platform Twitch recently encountered a very interesting case. A man named Erik Estavillo blamed Twitch on the grounds that he subjected him to “extreme sexually explicit and sexual content from some female publishers”. Estavillo argued that Twitch should pay him $ 25 million.

Among the female publishers complained by Erik Estavillo are many popular publishers such as Alinity, Pokimane, Pink_Sparkles and QTCindrella. Although it is not known what the current status of the case was on June 15, let’s take a look at the details of the case and why Estavillo accused Twitch.

Her ailments worsened due to female publishers:

Estavillo, who previously sued Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and Blizzard for various reasons, listed a few ailments that he claimed to have in his case against Twitch. Crohn’s disease, OCD and sexual intercourse were among these disorders listed by Estavillo.

According to the case file, these ailments in Estavillo caused him to be ‘connected to the internet’. Estavillo said in the case file that Twitch and the platform have made their situation worse for women publishers. According to the file, Estavillo could no longer use Twitch without being exposed to sexual content.

In the lawsuit filed by Estavillo, there were also various charges against Twitch.

Accordingly, Twitch’s filter options were not sufficient at all, and therefore the publishers accused of Estavillo could not be circumvented. At this point, let us inform you that Estavillo is currently following 786 female and 0 male publishers.

Again, according to the accusation made to the Twitch side, the platform “benefited” from the audience thanks to these broadcasters. According to the file, Twitch was working indifferently from a casino, allowing viewers with sexual addiction to subscribe, donate or send Bit to female broadcasters.

Estavillo’s list of publishers listed in the lawsuit he filed was quite long, but he also provided the photographs shared by some publishers on social media as a “proof” for the case file. Estavillo wants the $ 25 million he wants to get distributed among himself and other Twitch Prime Turbo subscribers, the rest of the money being distributed to the court-selected COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter organizations, and each publisher in the file is permanently banned.

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