TWICE to premiere English version of I Can’t Stop Me

TWICE will premiere the song in English for “I can’t estop me”, the girls will also perform their first performance on American TV.

The JYP girl group ended their album promotions “Eyes Wide Open”, they also released their new Japanese single “BETTER”, with both releases they managed to break new records, as the Japanese single was positioned at # 1 on the Oricon chart ; However, the girls want to expand on their comeback success and will be releasing a new song.

Through their official social networks, TWICE announced the release of “I can’t stop me” in its English version this November 30 at 11 pm, Mexico time. K-pop has grown in popularity in the last couple of years and the groups’ aspirations have focused on ranking on international music charts to gain more attention from a new audience of fans.

TWICE will not release a new MV, apparently it will only be the song in its digital format, already available for pre-save on the Spotify platform. With their latest MV, the girls got some wins and reached over 135 million views within almost a month of its release.


The international market is no stranger to TWICE, the group has already visited Mexico and the United States with their TWICELights tour, in addition, they debuted on the Billboard Hot 200 chart with their album “More & More”, now they will look for a new opportunity with “I can” t stop me ”.

The K-pop group will show their talent to interpret their songs in a different language, they will also have a presentation on the night program The late Show with Stephen Colbert, from CBS, where they will perform the premiere of their new song, it will be their first performance official and will be the same day of its launch.

ONCE shared various messages of support for TWICE, as they hope this is a great opportunity for the girls to expand their popularity in the industry.

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