‘Truth Be Told’ Filming in Los Angeles’ Leimert Plaza Closed by Protesters – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Truth be told, Thursday turned out to be a tense day on the set of The truth be told.

Filming in South LA’s historic Leimert Plaza Park for the second season of crime drama AppleTV + was suddenly halted today when local protesters vehemently opposed the crew and cast’s presence.

Described as “members of the community” by FilmLA, the protesters were mainly concerned about the plight of the homeless in the City of Angels and the announced presence of the actor of Octavia Spencer became the object of their anger. Specifically, organized protesters took issue with how filming was allowed to take place in areas like Leimert Plaza Park as jurisdiction was denied to those without a roof over their heads. . Although the gates to Leimert Plaza Park are now open during the day, many parks have been closed or significantly restricted by city officials in recent months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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With ten The truth be told Team members there, FilmLA’s licensed filming stopped around 3pm because things heated up really quickly, I hear. Vendors nearby wanted the filming to continue, although some protesters said they were there for the vendors themselves.

For The truth be told, the plan had been to film a flashback scene for the character of Poppy Parnell, host of Spencer’s crime podcast and his producer Noa Havilland, played by Katherine LaNasa. Because the focus was on a flashback, neither Oscar winner Spencer nor Longmire the old LaNasa was present. Still, there were two actresses in the park on Thursday playing the younger Parnell and Havilland. They retired with the rest of the production.

LAPD was at the scene shortly after, and the situation began to escalate.

After today, it is highly unlikely that The truth be told will be back at Leimert Plaza Park soon, I hear. Other locations that meet the needs of the show created by Nichelle Tramble Spellman are being secured, it seems.

Renewed for a second season on the tech giant’s streaming service last March, The truth be told is produced by Hello Sunshine, Chernin Entertainment and Endeavor Content. Contacted by Deadline about the incident at Leimert Plaza Park this afternoon, Endeavor has not commented on it.

Confirming the incident, FilmLA commented on what happened today at Leimert Plaza Park. “I understand the production company hit their set for the evening around 5 pm,” local nonprofit organization’s Deadlne Phillip Sokoloski told Deadlne.

New York has the sad title of Homeless Capital of America, but LA has seen its homeless population skyrocket over the past decade. Estimated between 15,000 and 30,000, the homeless in the Hollywood home became all the more apparent during the lockdown and restrictions of Covid-19.

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