Trump signs autographs in area damaged by ‘Laura’

During a visit to Louisiana to assess the damage from Hurricane “Laura,” US President Donald Trump signed autographs for those attending the emergency meeting.

At the end of a meeting in Lake Charles, Louisiana, in which he received reports about “Laura,” a man approached him and asked him to sign a piece of paper.

“Come here, I want a little power,” Trump called to give autographs to police and officials.

“Sell this today on ebay and you will get $ 10,000,” he told a policeman who was handed the first paper with his signature.

The President approved a disaster declaration for the damage left by the cyclone, and the Federal Emergency Agency (FEMA) was providing support to the communities – with 2.6 liters of water and 1.4 million meals, the White House reported. .

“If I write your name it loses a lot of value, then better this way. Sell ​​it on ebay tonight ”, joked the President after delivering another autograph.

Trump also planned to visit other places in Texas this Saturday, where the hurricane also hit hard.

Officials in Luisana warned residents that they could go weeks without electricity or water during the sweltering days of late summer, due to the impact of “Laura” on infrastructure.

There were 16 deaths in the United States from the Category 4 hurricane, and more than half were from carbon monoxide poisoning from generators that were operating unsafe.

In southwestern Louisiana, people were picking up debris after the hurricane hit the coast Thursday morning with 150-mile-per-hour winds.

Many made the decision whether to return home in appalling condition or wait until basic services were finally restored.

Driving became a feat in Lake Charles, a city of 80,000 that suffered some of the worst damage. Power lines and trees blocked roads or caused there to be a single available lane in which drivers had to maneuver in front of oncoming traffic.

The street signs were torn off or were left hanging from the places where they were located and the traffic lights did not work, giving rise to an exercise of trust with those who shared the roads.

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