Trump closes 5 days before presidential election

While breathtaking was held before the elections to be held on November 3 in the USA, it was seen in the polls that Republican President Donald Trump closed the gap between his Democratic rival Joe Biden.

According to national polls in the USA, Democrat candidate Joe Biden is ahead, Republican President Donald Trump is catching up with 5 days before the election.

In the nationwide polls, five days before the presidential elections to be held in the USA on November 3, former Vice President and Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden appears 7.2 points ahead of his rival, current President Republican Donald Trump.

Trump seems to have caught up with his opponent, considering that Biden is 7.9 points ahead in Monday’s polls.

Considering that Biden is 7.9 points up in Monday’s polls, it seems that Trump has caught up with his rival.

The fate of the elections in the country will be determined by the states called “swing states”, which have been alternating between Democrats and Republicans every period.

In Florida, one of the most critical states, while Biden was 1.5 points ahead of Trump on Monday, October 26, it is seen that Trump gained 0.4 points over his opponent today.

Biden, who was 5.3 points ahead of Trump in Monday’s surveys in Pennsylvania, currently has a 3.8 points advantage.

Also, on Monday, in North Carolina, where Biden was 1.2 points ahead, the difference fell to 0.7, while in Arizona, Biden maintained its lead by 2.4 points.


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