Trump campaign website hacked into cryptocurrency scam

One of the official pages of the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, the current candidate for reelection in the United States, suffered a hacker attack on Tuesday (28). The domain page was “hijacked” for a few minutes, displaying a message from the alleged criminals.

The act was a deface, when a page has its content modified without going down. In this case, instead of information about the politician and businessman, the site showed a message from hackers and a scam involving cryptocurrencies.

“The world is already fed up with fake news spread daily by President Donald J. Trump. It’s time to let the world know the truth,” says the warning. The attackers claim to have access to data from the president and family, including evidence that the administration was directly involved in the origin of the coronavirus and the use of foreign forces to manipulate the current elections.

Next, the criminals put two addresses in a Monero cryptocurrency wallet – one for deposits for those who want to know the “truth” and another for those who want it to be kept. Therein lies the great asset of the coup: demanding payment from both sides without any guarantee of settlement.

Campaign Communications Director Tim Murtaugh confirmed the deface on his Twitter profile. In the statement, he further said that investigations into the case are ongoing and ensured that no sensitive data from supporters or donors was exposed.

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