Trucker catches a meteor streaking through the sky on camera

Many people around the United States and the world rely on dashcams to recording events leading up to an accident. Sometimes dashcams catch things that are more interesting than bad drivers. Wednesday night, a bright flash was seen in the night sky over parts of Pennsylvania and Ohio. Scientists said that the bright flash was most likely a meteor.

The meteor is believed to have streaked across the sky at around 4 AM on Wednesday. The American Meteor Society said that it had about 700 reports across 15 states about the bright light. According to the experts, the bright flash was most likely a meteor, and the visible flight is believed to have ended somewhere over North Benton, Ohio.

The bright light was most likely a random meteor not associated with any known meteor shower. Robert Lunsford, an expert with the American Meteor Society, says that it only takes an object about the size of a softball to create a flash as bright as the full moon. The flash that happened early Wednesday morning is likely from an object larger than that. There are no estimates of exactly how large the object might have been.

Reports indicate that several videos were recorded showing the bright flash in the sky earlier this week. It appears one of the best may be from a YouTuber going by Trucker Beetle Bailey. He caught the bright flash and the fireball from the meteor on the dashcam he was using inside of his truck.

The video can be seen above and shows the bright flash lit up the surroundings, almost like daylight, before turning into a bright streak and disappearing. It’s impressive just how brilliant the sort of fireball can be. Check out the video above.

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