Trick to know when someone is “online” on WhatsApp Web

Use this WhatsApp Web trick to find out if a contact is “online” without going to their profile

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application in the world, and it has earned the title thanks to its constant updates that keep users satisfied. However, there are some additional things that we would like to have in the mobile application that can be solved with WhatsApp Web.

Among today’s news we bring you how to verify if a WhatsApp contact is “online” without having to enter their profile or open a conversation, something that is necessary when using the application on the cell phone but that can be omitted from the computer .

The trick needs the help of an extension for WhatsApp Web, which will allow adding a green indicator next to the contacts that are “online” in real time, safely and at no additional cost. But if what you want is to activate notifications when new messages arrive then it is a different matter.

Find out who connects on WhatsApp Web

It is well known that WhatsApp shows a legend of “online” under the name of the contacts that are within the application at that moment, whether writing texts, reading chats, sharing photos, listening to audios or they are simply there with the app open without doing anything, so it is possible to have additional information by following these steps:

Download WA Web Plus for WhatsApp, the extension that will serve to indicate when your contacts appear “online”.
When the Chrome extension is installed you will see a green circle with a cross next to the browser bar.
Now you must log in to WhatsApp Web.
Automatically, the extension will show a green indicator below the photo of the contacts that are connected to WhatsApp at that moment.

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