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The daily showTrevor Noah had more to say about the Golden Globes’ lack of diversity than the HFPA during his “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” segment on Monday night.

On Monday, he recapped the 78th Annual Golden Globes, taking hits not only on the technical issues that have left a lot of confusion, but also on the controversy surrounding the industry awards. In the days leading up to the 2021 Golden Globes, or what Noah calls “the Oscar’s strange foreign cousin,” a Los Angeles Times briefing revealed that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association had no black journalists in its ranks. While Time’s Up and a number of notable Hollywood stars criticized the HFPA for its lack of representation, Noah had his own critiques.

Chris Cuomo addresses CNN’s coverage of sexual harassment allegations against his brother

“You know you have representation issues when the Proud Boys have more black members than you,” he joked.

In what was a ceremony that consisted mostly of nominees and presenters calling out the HFPA, Noah added that the Sunday night ceremony also gave viewers a glimpse into the lives of the actors, especially their homes. He joked about Jeff Daniel’s bedroom with multiple doors, adding that it was his favorite of the night.

As Noah roasted the virtual ceremony which had its own controversies, the late-night host ventured into another controversy that made headlines – the sexual harassment accusations against New York Gov. Andrew. Cuomo.

Over the past two days, a number of women, some of whom worked for him, accused Cuomo of unwanted advances. The governor, who has also been criticized for deaths in assisted living facilities in New York City, is now the subject of an independent investigation.

“Here’s the thing, even though Cuomo thought it was right to be playful, it’s still not right,” Noah said. “This is what bosses never seem to understand – if you’re a boss, you should never flirt with your employees. As a boss you are basically a dragon, no one ever tries to hug a dragon, they just try to get out of the cave in one piece.

Watch the full Daily show segment above.

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