Trevor Noah says Joe Biden called Texans The N-Word: Neanderthals – Deadline

It’s hard to keep up with the outrageous things Joe Biden has done, said Trevor Noah, slightly exaggerating. Now Mr. Unity is pulling out yet another blunder – called those who refuse to wear masks in Texas “Neanderthals,” citing their Neanderthal thinking.

He’s also asking the Texas Republicans behind the no-mask movement to recognize the evolution, Noah said.

But what’s even worse, Noah said, is that Biden himself wears a mask, despite being vaccinated. “What kind of sick person goes out of his way to set an example?” Noah raged, showing the example of Donald Trump, who stood side by side with the maskless before contracting Covid-19.

There may be another reason Biden is hiding, Noah said. “He’s hiding something – could it be a Hitler mustache?”

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