Trevor Noah reviews Biden inauguration as ‘America has a new daddy’ – Deadline

Trevor Noah spoke of rhapsodic in his opening monologue tonight. “The sun was shining, the birds were singing and the McDonald’s Florida share price went up, because America has a new father.

Noah was hot over the events of the day. “I don’t know about you, but it will stay in my memory forever – Joe Biden’s middle name is Robinette?”

The day was filled with weird curiosities, Noah allowed, including “An Amazing Singer Wearing Her Own Etsy Shop” (Lady Gaga) and “An Old Man En route to the Post”, the latter of which pushed Bernie Sanders, who is coming for her share of online abuse for her casual attire at the event.

“Even Mike Pence was there,” Noah noted, adding that the masked VP handed Kamala Harris her protective mask once she was sworn in.

There was an acknowledgment of President Trump’s farewell, with Noah noting the former Commander-in-Chief’s strange endorsement when he said, “Good life.” The host claimed that this note was not something from an outgoing president, but a stolen line to “when your best friend starts dating your ex”.

“My man knows you have to go on a cliffhanger,” Noah said, and mentioned over 140 pardons before leaving, including rappers Lil Wayne and Kodak Black “That’s a terrible thing to do to a rapper , taking away his street reputation, ”Noah said.

He added that “it’s amazing that he can’t forgive himself,” and said Trump was probably thinking, “I can’t let this guy go so easily.”

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