Trevor Noah examines Mitch McConnell’s position to show him the money – Deadline

Trevor Noah tonight faced Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, the man he called “a figure who got too close to a light bulb.”

McConnell is upset that companies are speaking out against Georgia’s controversial new voting laws. The moves included Major League Baseball withdrawing its annual All-Star Game from the state.

McConnell tells them to stay out of politics completely, Noah argued, then played a clip in which McConnell noted that “Republicans buy stocks, fly on planes, drink Coca-Cola.” It’s pretty dumb to jump in the middle of a very controversial issue. He noted how businesses typically donate on both sides of the aisle and have political action committees. But in this case, “I’m talking about taking a stand on a highly inflammatory issue and punishing a community or state because you don’t like a particular law that they passed.”

Noah disagreed and said it represented McConnell telling big business, “Keep your mouth shut and hand over the money. This is literally what bank robbers say! “

The show host added, “It’s hilarious because it helped create the situation where they are so dependent on campaign money that companies are writing the laws. The monster you created is coming after you!

“By the way, I love how upset McConnell is they would take a stand on a very controversial issue,” Noah said. “It would be weird if Coca-Cola would come out and say, ‘It’s nice to sleep on the weekends! “

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