“Total dedication and exceptional 100% concentration”

Beyonce’s mother, Tina Knowles Lawson, rejoices over her daughter’s Grammy victory (Photo credit: Getty, Instagram / mstinalawson)

Beyonce’s mother gushed about her daughter’s historic Grammy wins on Sunday night (March 14, 21), while also correcting the singer on something she said in her acceptance speech.

The Halo star became the most successful singer and musician in Grammy history when she took her career to 28 wins with four more gongs in Los Angeles, and now Tina Knowles Lawson has greeted her daughter with a pat. the back for all the hard work.

Launching her tribute, Tina reminded Beyonce that she had been working since she was seven, not nine as she said in her final acceptance speech, then added, “So much sweat and tears of blood, intense workout, singing lessons, dancing lessons, running and singing with your dad every morning, missed parties and balls, almost no playing outside. Total dedication and tremendous 100% concentration. So many sacrifices. I have to say you don’t have a career like this without huge sacrifices and pure dedication… and a tremendous giving in return and a push back at the same time. Well deserved baby !! “

Tina added: “You set the standards, your fearless and unapologetic statements in your music, your performances and your cinema have knocked down the doors for others to be so fearless and unapologetic, you have continually raised the bar and established. your own rules, an example for that. many artists. Every awards show I watch, I see your inspiration in so many other performances …

“You are always complimentary, you are always showing young talent and creatives in front of and behind the cameras, teaching, training, sharing all the resources that you have taken years and so many sacrifices to build. You are always happy for all the other talented artists (sic) !! You also respect and honor the artists who came before you and who opened doors for you !!!! You are truly a gracious class act !!! I’m so proud of not only the 28 Grammys, but the amazing human being you’ve managed to stay. (KL / WNWC / LOT)

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