Top 5 Earning Investors on Binance This Week

The prominent investors of the Binance Futures cryptocurrency exchange during the week of November 23-28 managed to make millions of dollars, despite the sudden drop in Bitcoin price this week. Although there are no familiar names from last week’s Binance Futures leaderboard this week, it seems that the listed traders have performed well. So which investors managed to get into the top 5 this week? Let’s take a look at this week’s successful Binance investors.

Bitcoin (BTC) price saw a sharp drop on November 26th. According to CoinGecko data, BTC, which fell from $ 17,900 to $ 16,700, caused many investors to worry. BTC, which has experienced price volatility between $ 16,500 and $ 19,000 in the last 7 days, is currently trading at $ 17,300.

Despite the unexpected decline in the cryptocurrency market, some Binance investors made serious gains.


Top earners on a rate basis (ROI) of the week

  • Derosnec: The investor, who ranked number one in the leader list with 10% ROI, lost $ 3,700 today. The trader managed to get 19 thousand 700 dollars during the week.
  • WallWhereUsually: The investor, who is in the second place of the list, comes out with 4.5% ROI this week. Losing $ 22,500 during the day, the trader was able to earn $ 128,000 this week.
  • ThousandBasketBetween: The trader, whose ROI ratio is 3.5% and took the third place, lost $ 4,100 today. It is seen that the investor made a profit of 52 thousand dollars during the week.
  • BlowGreatCell: The trader, who took his place in the fourth place leader list, maintains his position with 2.02% ROI. The investor, who does not have any information on a daily PnL basis, made $ 3,500 this week.
  • BikeGrassWaiter: Investor who won fifth place with a 2% ROI, achieved $ 13 on a daily PnL basis. It is also seen that the trader earned $ 12,600 during the week.

Top earners of the week by quantity (PnL)

  • BatThursdayBurn: The trader, who won the first place with a full $ 11 million, was able to add earnings to his earnings today and earned another $ 12,200 on a daily basis.
  • HabitCandleGiant: The trader, who entered the list at the second place with 9.7 million dollars, lost 359 thousand dollars today.
  • TomatoTrafficBlanket: The investor, who took third place in the leaderboard, earned $ 2.9 million this week. The trader also lost 5 thousand 400 dollars during the day.
  • Jackcoke: The fourth-ranked trader managed to make $ 2.4 million this week. Continuing its earnings today, the investor achieved $ 14,500 during the day.
  • TasteSkirtAir: The trader, who managed to enter the list at the fifth place with his earnings of $ 1.6 million, earned $ 8.4 thousand today.

You can also look at the earnings of other traders by looking at the full list of Binance Futures cryptocurrency exchange leaders.

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