‘Tom & Jerry’ $ 12.5 million opening to $ 12.5 million at box office, second best during pandemic – fidgetcube

Warner Bros. day and date theatrical release Tom and Jerry in theaters and on HBO Max had what would be considered a very solid day during the pandemic, with $ 4 million on Friday and $ 12.5 million expected over three days, according to Warner Bros. It’s a figure that beats the 3 days of Universal / Animation of Dreamworks Croods: New Age, which grossed $ 9.7 million over the 3-day Thanksgiving weekend.

Nowadays, Tom and Jerry is the second-best debut for a movie released during the pandemic, following August after Warner Bros. ‘ Wonder Woman 1984, which made $ 16.4 million. Tom & Jerry was directed by Tim Story and produced by Chris DeFaria.

Warners posted these figures on Tom and Jerry in a current exhibition landscape where around 50% of all theaters are still closed, as well as # 2 channel Regal, with New York scheduled to open this next Friday. The cinema will only get better: Los Angeles is also set to reopen in the next month, and all that will be left is to wait for the capacity restrictions to be relaxed.

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Also we heard Tom and Jerry didn’t look too shabby in China.

CinemaScore is excellent at A- and PostTrak, as well as 81% and four stars. Tom and Jerry received a good recommendation of 60% from the general public and 66% from the children. The female-to-male ratio was 51% to 49%, with 46% under the age of 17. Participation in diversity showed 35% Hispanic, 33% Caucasian, 21% African American and 11% Asian / other.

The expectation is that if Universal can have a slow burn on Croods 2, which will hit $ 52.5 million in the US this weekend and has been No.1 five of its 14 consecutive weekends, so the can Tom and Jerry. Again, let’s not get ahead of the curve: These box office numbers aren’t at pre-pandemic levels, but it shows that the financial tide at the domestic box office is turning.

When cinemas reopened in parts of the country, there was a fear that families would not venture out. But clearly, with the increase in vaccinations, the fear of going back to the movies is slowly fading.

Again, we’ve been saying this for a few months now, but Warners are really trying to make these movies work in areas of the country where theaters are open, despite the day and date strategy. Most of the time, Netflix and Amazon movies don’t make any money in their limited theatrical readiness to be on these respective streamers (as far as the latter go, they started adopting this limited theatrical / streaming strategy with their Scott Z. Burns. Acquisition of Sundance, The report).

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