Tom Holland teases Disneyland’s next Spider-Man attraction – Deadline

Tom Holland has revealed a handful of details on Disneyland’s latest attraction inspired by his Marvel superhero, Spider-Man.

In a video posted on Tuesday, the Cherry and Forward The actor gave fans and theme park enthusiasts a taste of what to expect when the next attraction opens.

“Peter started an initiative called WEB, which is the Global Engineering Brigade and he’s giving a presentation on this new technology that they’ve invented, namely the Web Slingshot Vehicle,” he shared in a video. published by Disney Parks. “He’s going to give them a tour and something’s wrong and he needs everyone to help him and save the day.

The new ride will only be part of Disneyland’s Avengers campus, which will also feature other interactive attractions inspired by Black Panther and Guardians of the Galaxy. Other Marvel characters scheduled to appear in the new part of the park include Doctor Strange, Thor, Black Widow, The Wasp and more.

As theme parks have taken a hard hit in business given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Holland has expressed its enthusiasm for future park visitors.

“For me personally, it’s how I’ve never felt like Spider-Man, so everyone is going to be able to share this experience which is so great,” he said. “I’m just excited that it opens and I want to take it back.”

See the teaser for the new theme park ride above.

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