Tom Holland may appear as Link in Zelda

It is not just rumors that Netflix is ​​producing a series of The Legend of Zeld. There is still no great information about the style that could be adopted for this title, which could be animation or live-action, as is the case with The Witcher.

However, new rumors about the cast began to emerge, indicating that the role of Link can be played by Tom Holland, actor who gave life to Peter Parker (Spider-Man) in “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and ” Spider-Man: Far from Home ”.

This series was meant to be a tribute from Nintendo in partnership with Netflix for the 35th anniversary of the game franchise, which will be in 2021. The Japanese manufacturer is already working on the development of an animation based on Mario, so this would be the second game the company to win some content focused on entertainment without joysticks involved.

It is worth remembering that Tom Holland already has a contract with Netflix, where he starred in the film “The Devil of Every Day”, as well as bringing a good dubbing experience to the curriculum, with the titles “Um Espião Animal” being highlighted in recent years, ” Dolittle “and” Two Brothers: A Fantastic Journey “, which would be a differentiator for him to participate in a possible animation series.

Now, the public can only wait to see if the series will actually be produced and what format will be adopted by the producer responsible for streaming.

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