Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were unable to get their COVID-19 ……

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are not ‘old enough’ for Covid vax (Photo credit – Instagram)

Hollywood couple Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, who contracted Covid-19 last year, have yet to be able to get vaccinated against Covid. Hanks and Wilson, both 64, were told they weren’t “old enough.”

“It was so moving. We have not yet received our vaccines. How about hearing this for the first time in your life: you are not old enough. It’s like, “Ok, I’ll take this.” We’re online now because a lot of people are vaccinated and they’re opening up to the next level, ”Rita Wilson said on“ The Today Show, ”according to She hopes more people will be vaccinated soon. “

“Yes, even when we found out we had antibodies and it was amazing because you knew you had some protection, that’s what the vaccine does to help people as well.

Seeing people kissing for the first time in a year, grandparents hugging their grandchildren, people hugging their parents, nothing like that. It really is a gift, ”said Tom Hanks’ wife Rita Wilson.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson both contracted the virus earlier last year. They had shared updates on their fight against him on social media.

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