TikTok got what it wanted: Donald Trump intervention!

There has been a new development in the process known as the TikTok ban. The federal court made a decision in favor of the social media platform that President of the United States Donald Trump wanted to ban in order to ensure national security. President Trump initially gave ByteDance until September 15, 2020, to sell the TikTok brand to a US-based company.

TikTok did not shake hands with any US-based firm during this time. Trump ordered both Google and Apple to ban the TikTok app due to this situation. TikTok would actually be made unavailable and unavailable in the USA on September 20, 2020. The social media platform representing China said Trump would do what he wanted. After this rhetoric, the trio of Oracle, Walmart and TikTok sat at the table to shake hands.

Trump, who gave the green light to this agreement, gave 1 more week to the Chinese-origin application to achieve this agreement. ByteDance, who could not agree with the Walmart and Oracle duo later, was preparing to say goodbye to the USA today, but it was not expected.

TikTok ban has been suspended!

TikTok, who recently objected to Trump’s ban and sued on the grounds that it is against the laws the US has set for freedom of expression, said it wants to continue to be used by Google and Apple users.

Federal Judge Carl J. Nicholas temporarily suspended Trump’s decision to ban TikTok software from app stores such as Google and Apple. Thanks to this decision, TikTok will continue to be used by users living in the USA.

Nichols said the TikTok team was not given enough time and found Trump’s decision selfish. The US Department of Commerce described Trump’s decision for TikTok in response to the judge’s decision as a decision that is not against the law and takes national security into account.

TikTok; He announced that he was satisfied with the court’s decision, that he would continue to defend his rights and would take all means to reach an agreement with Trump. The US Department of Commerce has announced that it will not let go of this business. The TikTok ban issue will keep the world agenda busy for a while.

It is predicted that a new development will take place on this subject on September 30, 2020. Nichols asked TikTok to prepare a report called the Common Situation Report (JSR) from the Trump administration.

This decision is not a final and invulnerable decision. Based on this, TikTok management needs to be quick. We will all see where this issue will evolve in the coming days.

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