TikTok ban postponed to a later date

The U.S. Department of Commerce has decided to postpone the TikTok ban, which will take effect last Thursday night. Approximately 100 million American TikTok users also took a sigh of relief after the decision that prevented the download and use of the application in America was delayed.

TikTok ban postponed

According to the news of the BBC, the American Department of Commerce postponed the ban until further legal developments are achieved, citing the court decision that has been carried out in Philadelphia since September and stated that the application should work in America. The decision undoubtedly drowned nearly 100 million users with joy.

In September, Chinese ByteDance, the owner of the application, reached an agreement with Walmart and Oracle to transfer TikTok’s assets in the US to a new entity called TikTok Global. US President Donald Trump has also expressed his support for the agreement, albeit temporarily. However, on Tuesday, the company said it had not received any return from the Washington administration in the past two months.

President Trump had stated that TikTok should be sold to a US company. In addition, both Trump and Vice President Mike Pompeo have said that the app can transfer user data to the Beijing administration many times. However, he did not provide any evidence on the subject.

While the firm has always denied allegations on the matter, it was banned in India as a result of a diplomatic dispute.

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