TikTok and the danger of opening the door to strangers

Three months ago, a Reddit user put the TikTok cat on the bell. He published an analysis of his application made through reverse engineering in which he revealed how, according to him, this application collects personal data from its users in a massive and very aggressive way. And the quilombo began that has ended with Donald Trump accusing Zhang Yiming, founder of Bytedance, the company behind TikTok, of being a spy at the service of the Chinese government, being TikTok a fun and addictive Trojan horse. India also banned it a few weeks ago.

TikTok has defended itself. In a letter sent to the Australian Parliament, the director general of enforcement in the ocean country stressed his independence. “We are not aligned with any government, political party or ideology,” he said, to conclude by asking that they be allowed to do it. The fact is that many of us feel that we have already seen this film, we know how it ends, and we do not like the end.

Facebook 2010, TikTok 2020

We are the ones who did personality tests on Facebook in 2010 because hey how fun they are. We had no idea that the Cambridge Analytica scandal would break out years later, and that those tests that revealed intimate information about our psyches would swarm out of control. We still do not know where they are or who has them.

We are the ones who learned from cakes that if in real life it is not a good idea to trust strangers, neither on the Internet. And essentially it’s what we do every time a new service appears that looks fun or useful and is free. Somehow you will have to earn money. Although even with monetized services there are ‘B faces’.

Assuming that this new service is going to respect our privacy and is not going to overreach by collecting our data, especially if it has no other apparent method of monetization, it is not far from receiving an email with the subject “I Love You” in May 2000 and to think that we had really linked. I say this being one of those who could register on Twitter perfectly.

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